Look into your future and make predictions

Set goals, making sure they are realistic and contemplate all your costs and variations


Ikhipu te permite acceder desde web, app y desktop e incluso trabajar en modo off-line. Todo esto por un bajo precio mensualizado donde pagas por lo que necesitas, sin tiempo mínimo de permanencia. You can access Ikhipu via Web, App and desktop, you can even work ofline. All of this for a low monthly cost where you pay for what you need and you dont have a binding contract

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Dont miss any due payments


Follow 3 simple rules with your invoices
  • Emit them without any delays
  • Claim your receivables
  • Get ahead of any delays

Control your Inventory closely


Update your account books and inventory so you dont have exess or cash flow problems

Interactive calendar for cash flow

Get along wiyth your lenders

Inform your debtors on the status of your account and the payment times, so you can put their minds at ease and to get better deals

Make sure to get the credit line

Take a close look at your expenses

An aware entrepeneur is more reliable